Molding vs. Splicing: Semiconductor Industry


An existing customer approached PPT management with a challenge to manufacture a molded boot for them at a cost savings.


The geometry of the boot was circular (~11” Dia.) and had a thin cross-section that doubled back on itself to then lay flat on installation. This geometry required large thin tooling plates and a split outer-locking ring. Standard tooling solutions would be expensive and would not have met the cost reduction goal.


Through a series of ongoing meetings to review applications, it was determined that similar geometry could perform the same sealing function by utilizing a production method that would lower the overall cost. The geometry of cross-section remained similar but the profile would not lay flat on installation. This worked well with this application since the part was flexed during installation and operation. Utilizing the extrusion and splicing process, PPT’s engineering team was able to produce multiple size configurations and provide evaluation parts for testing at a considerable cost savings.

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