Design Collaboration: Aerospace & Defense Industry


A team of design engineers contacted PPT seeking the review of a part that was in preliminary design phase.


A 3D model had been created and provided to PPT to use in creating tooling concepts. Tooling was modeled and we identified specific features that would be cost drivers. Cost drivers such as chamfer, undercuts, square pocket and flow geometry were discussed and weighted against design requirements. PPT also contacted sub-tier suppliers to ensure that geometries of machined inserts and stock certifiable materials were both attainable. Feedback was provided to our customer including geometry changes DFM, material selection, physical properties, inspection and installation DFA.


PPT’s customer incorporated our engineering team’s input and drawings were created. PPT conducted a preliminary check of drawings for material call-outs and specifications, including metal preparation, order of chem-film application and special process requirements, prior to the customer submitting specifications for the internal approval process. This flow helped them avoid the additional step of having approved drawings sent to quotation and then rejected due to incorrect specification and callout. Working with the customer’s engineering staff at the onset of the part design cycle can help avoid many geometric, material and process issues with parts before design approval. PPT’s early involvement also limits the amount of re-design and pre-approvals necessary at the later end of the manufacturing process.

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