Innovative Solutions: Aerospace and Defense Industry


PPT received a request from an existing customer for a large requirement of molded silicone parts. The application was going to require over 40 individual molded parts. Each of these parts were custom to the application, and each had their own geometry.


After studying the different parts, it was determined by our engineering team, that there were similarities in geometries, the only differences being length of a particular feature of the part. With this in mind, all the parts were put into geometric families, separated only by a couple of features that changed between the parts.


It was determined that we could produce a few master tools that would mold the major geometries of the parts, and that by cutting, and vulcanized splicing the variable features of the parts to the main common geometries, we were able to produce up to twelve variations of parts from two master molds. This innovative thinking saved the customer tens of thousands of dollars in tooling to fabricate the parts needed for this large ongoing parts need. We’ve been producing these same silicone molded parts for over 15 years now, and the application has proven to be successful in building our customer’s strong reputation in a competitive industry.

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